Boy, 12, chained to chair to stop him leaving home

  • A mother has told a judge that she was at her wit's end over his uncontrollable behaviour after her son called police to come and rescue him

He had food, water and a mobile phone (with no credit) to amuse himself with the games on it. And the television was turned on. However he couldn't leave the four walls of the lounge as he was held by a chain tied to the leg of a chair.

This is how National Police officers found a 12-year-old boy whose mother had reportedly tied him up to stop him leaving home at a flat in Malaga earlier this month.

It was the child himself that alerted emergency services, as, although the mobile phone had no credit on it, he was still able to dial the 112 emergency number. The youth told the operator that his mother had gone out and left him tied up, according to sources.

From the 112 switchboard they contacted National Police who immediately sent out a patrol car to check if the child was telling the truth. Once the officers reached the building and were climbing the stairs they came across a woman who happened to be the boy's mother.

She then opened the door of her flat and let them go inside. There they found the 12-year-old sitting on the sofa with his leg in a chain.

A history of escaping

The police freed him and arrested the mother on suspicion of depriving the child of his liberty. According to sources, the woman had tied him up earlier that morning .

The following day, appearing before a Malaga judge, the accused recognised that she hadn't done the right thing but explained that her motives were quite complex.

She claimed she was desperate after the constant escapes the boy was making both from home and from a youth protection centre where he had once been placed.

She said that the previous day to her arrest the boy had left home and she had had to call in family members to try to find him. He was eventually tracked down at night in the company of adults and brought home. The judge agreed to release the woman without charge pending investigation and the boy has been placed in the care of social services.