Vote of no confidence remains in the balance after councillor no-show

PP councillors waiting to sign the document on Monday.
PP councillors waiting to sign the document on Monday. / SUR
  • The Partido Popular were photographed with the document while waiting for Ciudadanos' Mari Carmen López, who didn't attend the meeting

Rumours over the much talked about vote of no confidence against the Mayor of Nerja, Rosa Arrabal, continue to be just speculation after a councillor from the Ciudadanos party failed to show up to a meeting with Partido Popular (PP) politicians to sign the document on Monday.

According to the PP, an agreement had been reached with Ciudadanos' only representative on the council, Mari Carmen López, that the vote of no confidence would be signed by both parties and presented to the town hall on the same day.

However, according to sources at the Ciudadanos' Malaga headquarters, such an agreement was “never” reached and it is believed that the national leader of the party, Alberto Rivera, has also intervened. Elías Bendodo, provincial leader of the PP party, demonstrated his “surprise” at the Ciudadanos councillor's no-show.

Sources suggest that the unwillingness of Ciudadanos to be party to the vote are linked to the ongoing investigation of 40 people, including current councillors and local business people, into the illegal dumping of rubbish at the town's Rio de la Miel. Ciudadanos have said that until the three PP councillors under investigation have been removed from the town hall they will not sign the vote of no confidence. The PP have retaliated by saying that the existing mayor and other councillors are also involved in the scandal.