Ten-million-euro complex to be built on the border of two towns

Camping Fuengirola stretches across Mijas and Fuengirola.
Camping Fuengirola stretches across Mijas and Fuengirola. / I.G.
  • Work will begin next summer in the grounds of Camping Fuengirola which will become a large shopping centre generating 200 jobs

The historic Camping Fuengirola which is found on the stretch of land between Mijas and Fuengirola, will undergo a massive transformation in the next few months in order to be converted into a large-scale shopping centre. The project has required a private investment of around 10 million euros and, according to the Mijas town hall, will create 200 job opportunities when complete.

The land, which measures 21,000 square metres, is shared equally between Mijas and Fuengirola, which makes it a suitable location for the complex. In Mijas, the Junta de Andalucía has already approved the environmental study carried out for the project, but awaits economic and sustainability reports, among others.

According to sources in the Mijas town hall, work will not begin until summer 2018 as the local council is being extra cautious. “This matter involves land which is shared by the two town halls of Mijas and Fuengirola and both must be in full agreement to carry out this development plan”, explained a source.

As well as all of the governmental checks, the towns also have to propose this plan to residents so that they can voice any concerns which can then be resolved. The property developer, who is the owner of the grounds, then has to present the project and aplly for the required work permits.

Once all of the necessary reports have been filled in, they are sent to the Junta for final approval before work can begin.