Firefighters rescue family stranded on La Concha

The family making their way back down.
The family making their way back down. / SUR
  • They were located with the help of Whatsapp

An Anglo-German middle-aged couple and their adult daughter had to be rescued from atop La Concha mountain on Tuesday after becoming disorientated by incoming fog.

The three people got lost at around 2.30pm and immediately got in contact with the 112 emergency contact line. With the help of Whatsapp to pinpoint their location, the fire brigade were informed at around 3pm and initiated the rescue.

Participating were two firefighters, alongside two agents of the Guardia Civil mountain unit.

The missing people were located and once given provisions -they were low on water and food supplies at the time they got lost- they were able to return to the foot of the mountain themselves.

The fire department has stressed that anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation should use the SOS Emergencias mobile application.