Woman gives birth to twin girls after doctors said she only had back pain

Gonzalo holds his two daughters in his arms. :: SUR
Gonzalo holds his two daughters in his arms. :: SUR
  • The new mum didn't realise that she was pregnant and made five trips seeking help ahead of the surprise arrivals

The stomach and back pains were becoming “unbearable”. Carolina, who suffers from obesity, went to her doctors in June to see what was wrong.

According to Gonzalo, her husband, the medical advice was that she had to slim down. Four more visits to doctors followed, of which three were to the hospital emergency department.

On the last visit to hospital it was discovered that she was not just pregnant with twins but that she was in labour as well. The family has now made a negligence complaint.

The two twin girls have been born in apparently perfect health, although the mother went into intensive care immediately following serious complications during the birth.

Each successive medical visit failed to show she was pregnant, and, on the third visit, Carolina, who is 38, also mentioned that she had not had her period for four months. The diagnosis was the same - lower back pain.

Early in the morning on 6 October the pain was too much and Carolina and family went to Casualty again for the last time. This time the pregnancy was spotted and the girls, weighing 2.4 kilos and 2.2 kilos respectively, were born a minute apart just before 8.30am.

A lawyer is now advising the family. Medical sources said that the woman did not at any time say she suspected she may be pregnant and that ongoing treatment with anti-depression drugs may have relaxed the unborn children and prevented their heart rate from being detected.