Police officers open fire on cars following chase round town centre

The car that was found.
The car that was found. / SUR
  • The drivers and passengers of the VW Golf and BMW Series Seven vehicles are thought to be connected with drugs and / or theft

Police in Torrox Pueblo opened fire on two vehicles suspected of being involved in drugs and/or theft on Monday night.

The quiet Axarquía town witnessed a police car-chase and the shootings last Monday when local police on patrol noticed three cars performing “suspicious and evasive maneuvers,” according to sources close to the investigation.

High-end cars

The three vehicles, one Volkswagen Golf and two BMW Sevens series, attempted to evade being pulled over, leading to a police chase on the outskirts of the town, according to the sources.

One of the cars, which was carrying two men of Spanish nationality, one with an address in Algeciras and the other with an address in Ceuta, got away and drove towards Marbella on the A-7 motorway, where they were intercepted several hours later by local police. The men were identified by officers in Marbella and were arrested on suspicion of disobeying police orders.

The other two cars, each of which is believed to have been carrying four people of unspecified foreign nationalities, continued for a further three kilometres towards the town centre.

Despite reaching a dead end road next to the cemetery, the cars were able to turn round before the police caught up with them and continued their getaway. At that point officers on foot opened fire as the cars accelerated towards them, believing that they were going to be hit.

However, despite firing at the cars' wheels around eight times, they failed to puncture the tyres. “They didn't manage to damage the tyres due to the fact that the cars were top-end with very resistant tyres,” said the sources.

The two cars got away and police as well as Guardia Civil along the coast were alerted immediately to the situation. The authorities are still looking for the two cars along with their drivers and passengers.