Two men die in 24 hours after accidents at work

  • Malaga province has registered 16 work-related accidents since the start of 2017

Two men died on Tuesday after fatal accidents in Marbella and Malaga city respectively. At the beginning of the working day, a husband and father of two tragically fell to his death from a reported height of four metres while carrying out construction work on a villa in Elviria.

An ambulance rushed to the Las Chapas area east of Marbella at 8.30am on Tuesday after a 112 call was made by employees of the construction company, Cube Constructora.

The man was rushed to the Costa del Sol hospital, where he later died. The CCOO, a trade union for construction workers, deemed the cause of the accident to be due to “a lack of preventative safety measures”, although they are unable to determine the cause of the fall.

Just 13 hours later, at around 9.30pm, another man died after the second work-related accident of the day. On this occasion, a 52-year-old man died at a recycling plant in Carril de los Chopos in the north of Malaga city. The plant where the man died is dedicated to recycling concrete and construction waste. It houses a mill-like machine, into which concrete is fed via a hopper in order to be broken down.

For reasons unknown, on Tuesday evening, the 52-year-old became stuck in the feeding mechanism of the machine, where he later died. It took a large effort from firefighters to retrieve the body which was hard to access.

A homicide team have launched an investigation to determine the exact cause of the death and to confirm whether it occurred due to a work-related accident.