New home found for "alligator" spotted on the prowl in Marbella lake

The alligatoe gar before its capture.
The alligatoe gar before its capture. / JOSELE-LANZA
  • The fish was finally caught on Monday and has been adopted by Bioparc Fuengirola

What many thought was a crocodile in the artifical lake in Marbella's La Represa park was identified as an alligator gar, a fish native to North America.

The fish, which measures almost a metre in length and is thought to have lived off the park's frogs, turtles and even ducks, has been adopted by Bioparc Fuengirola.

First the giant fish had to be caught, however, which proved difficult for the angling experts who went to La Represa last Friday armed with a large net. Their three attempts failed when the fish bit through the net.

The rescue operation was left until Monday, when the alligator gar was eventually captured, with the help of the head of local fishermen's guild, Manuel Haro.

The alligator gar gets its name from its head which resembles that of a crocodile: elongated with sharp teeth. It only feeds on animals smaller than itself, however, and poses no threat to humans.

It is thought that it was thrown into the park's pond when it was smaller.