Preliminary agreement between Aena and unions

A previous meeting with unions and employers.
A previous meeting with unions and employers. / SUR
  • Details have not been released, but it is hoped that the agreement over staffing levels and salaries will be ratified next week

It looks as if the series of 25 strikes which would have affected Spanish airports this autumn and winter may have been avoided.

Earlier this week the management of the airport operator AENA and Enair, the air traffic control company, announced that they have signed a preliminary agreement with the unions over staffing levels and salaries, and this now needs to be ratified by their boards and the Ministry of Transport.

The strikes had been scheduled to begin on 15 September and last until the end of the year, but the unions agreed to postpone them because the negotiations appeared to be progressing well.

Details of this preliminary agreement have not been released, reportedly at the unions' request, but are expected to be given soon. It is hoped that it will receive definitive approval early next week, at the latest.

The unions were demanding 450 new jobs be created at AENA and another 250 at Enaire to compensate for reductions in staffing levels in recent years.

In previous meetings, the airport authorities had cautiously agreed to take on some additional staff, but no numbers had been agreed.

The unions are also demanding salary increases, because they claim that employees have lost eight per cent of their purchasing power since 2010. The figure they have proposed is in line with government's offer for public employees, although that would be spread over the next three years.

If the agreement is confirmed, it will apply to about 11,000 employees all over the country, including fire fighters, medical staff, operations technicians, airport maintenance workers, navigation technicians and administrative staff, among others.