Malaga man arrested in connection with brutal stabbing of ex-girlfriend

The presumed aggressor with the deceased.
The presumed aggressor with the deceased. / SUR
  • The accused allegedly stabbed his former partner after breaking into her home, just an hour after she reported him to the police

The 37th mortal victim of gender violence in Spain this year is Rosa María S. P., 20. The woman from Cartagena was stabbed on Monday at around 11.30am, one hour after reporting her ex-boyfriend for harassment.

Former partner, Adrián S. C., 22, arrested in connection with the death, was found hiding on an adjoining property's balcony. The accused, from El Palo in Malaga, is said to have travelled to Cartagena with the intention of rekindling their relationship which she had ended months previously. However, when friends told Rosa María S. P. that they had seen her former partner in the city, she went with her father to the Guardia Civil to make a complaint against him.

Returning home alone, Rosa María S. P. was confronted by her ex who had apparently entered via the rear balcony using a ladder he had just bought at a hardware shop. According to sources close to the investigation, after a heated argument, he is alleged to have stabbed her in the chest and the neck, with knives he had also just purchased, the latter blow proving fatal.

Police, alerted by the screaming, tracked down the accused to a nearby balcony. On being discovered, Adrián S. C. started to self harm before throwing himself off the balcony, six metres to the ground, where he was arrested.