Malaga airport is not affected by the latest Ryanair cancellations

Malaga airport is not affected by the latest Ryanair cancellations
  • Only two Spanish routes will be cancelled from October until March and the company denies that it has a a shortage of pilots

The airport which serves the Costa del Sol has not been affected by the latest flight cancellations announced by Ryanair, although more passengers travelling to and from Malaga use that airline than any other.

The cancellations will be from October to March, and only two Spanish routes will be affected: Las Palmas-Glasgow and Sofia-Castellón. Ryanair says 25 of its fleet of 400 planes will be grounded during that period. From April onwards, only ten aircraft will not be flying, “to eliminate the risk of future cancellations.”

The airline says it has emailed “each and every one” of the 400 clients who had booked seats on these flights, and they are being offered alternative flights or a refund, plus a 40 euro voucher per journey. They will be able to book new flights next month.

Ryanair has denied that these cancellations and cutbacks are due to a lack of pilots, as has been claimed. It says that during the past year fewer than 100 pilots have left, principally because they have retired or moved to long haul companies, and 160 co-pilots have done the same.

The company insists that in the next eight months it will be recruiting and training more than 650 pilots.

“Contrary to the false statements which have been made about a shortage of pilots, in recent weeks Ryanair has seen an increase in applications from pilots from the Gulf countries, Germany and Italy. Air Berlin and Alitalia have gone into liquidation and their pilots in those countries stand to lose their jobs or suffer reductions in salary,” it insisted.