Legion veteran facing 22 years in jail for murder of retired policeman

  • He confessed to the crime and said he did it because his "secret" had been revealed

Spanish foreign legion veteran, Julián Y. L., 64, is facing 22 years in prison for the brutal murder of former policeman Tomás A. M., 74, who he claimed had "revealed his secret".

The incident took place in Torremolinos last February and according to the statement put forward by the prosecution, Julián Y. L., had been “loitering” in the area around Calle Boscán before surprising Tomás A. M., who was walking with the help of a shopping caddy having suffered a stroke.

He attacked him 16 times with a machete, 25 centimetres long, which he had concealed in his clothes. He administered blows to the head, the neck, the throat, the abdomen and the back. He then waited with the body for the arrival of the police and confessed to his crime immediately.

When asked about the machete, he said that he was “always” armed.

The prosecution is calling for 20 years of imprisonment for the murder, plus another two for possession of arms. A further 150,000 euros in compensation for the victim's daughter has also been requested.