The 'human snake' completes her treatment and returns to India

Shalini Yadav on arrival in Malaga. :: EFE
Shalini Yadav on arrival in Malaga. :: EFE
  • During her time in Malaga, the young girl has grown a few centimetres and gained a bit of weight

Shalini Yadav, the 16-year-old Indian girl who suffers the disease commonly known as "snake's skin" and who came to Malaga earlier this month to be assessed by a group of specialists from the Hospital Clínico, has finished her treatment in Spain. Earlier this week, she returned to her home in India.

According to Shalini's head of press, María del Mar Rabadan, and as reported by Efe, at home she will have to continue the treatment for the disease officially called lammelar icthyosis. Rabadan has said that the young girl has grown a few centimetres and has managed to gain a bit of weight, both of which are positive signs.

Rabadan has indicated that “she is happy and she sings all the time”. The journalist says that the treatment Shalini undergoes every night includes having an oatmeal bath before applying the medicated cream. This has had a considerable effect on Shalini's mood and health, she says.

During her time in Malaga, the young patient learned how to use a computer, play chess and navigate a mobile phone. She has apparently demonstrated a high level of intelligence, following extremely carefully every instruction that the doctors have given her, according to Rabadan.

There are still some medical results that are yet to come back. Shalini and her father underwent some genetic analysis tests, these will be available for assessment next week.

The girl cannot hide her absolute joy at looking in a mirror and inspecting her face and her arms and seeing how the treatment has started to clear up her skin.

Before coming to Malaga to undergo treatment, Shalini used to think that she would be trapped in the body of a girl with snake's skin until the day she died, but the doctors who have treated her have increased her life expectancy and her quality of life, and thanks to them, the young girl has decided that she wants to study Medicine so that one day she will be able to help other people like her.