Carrefour Los Patios in Malaga will be expanded to double its present size

  • A 17 million euro project is underway at Los Patios in Malaga to enlarge the commercial centre

Carrefour Los Patios is to be enlarged to 28,000 square metres, at a cost of around 17 million euros. The works are expected to take 14 months to complete, and should be finished by the end of 2018. They will be carried out in three phases to minimise inconvenience to customers.

The patios will be modernised, some of the entrances will be modified and more commercial premises will be created. The parking area is expected to remain the same, with space for around 1,700 vehicles.

About 1,000 workers will be needed to carry out the works, and 900 of the jobs will be temporary.

The commercial centre, which has previously been called Hiper Los Patios and Pryca, opened in 1975 and was the first hypermarket in Andalucía and the second in Spain. When it opened, it was 7,000 square metres in size and employed 180 members of staff. It is currently 12,700 square metres, and employs 330 people.