Marbella council acts to eradicate restrictions on home improvements

Félix Romero and Kika Caracuel at the Town Hall this week
Félix Romero and Kika Caracuel at the Town Hall this week / J.L.
  • Some properties in the town, although not illegal, cannot be granted building licences because the 2010 PGOU urban plan was annulled

The council is taking action to ensure that the owners of more than 2,300 homes in 14 different areas of the town can apply for permission to carry out improvements or extend their properties. These are located on land that was zoned for building under the 2010 urban plan (PGOU), which was annulled by the Junta de Andalucía, but not that of 1986 which the regional government insists is the one which is valid. The problem has meant that although the properties are in urban areas and benefit from the usual services, technically they are on land where no construction can be carried out, so they are not eligible for building licences.

The properties affected are in areas such as El Arquillo, Linda Vista Alta, Arroyo de las Piedras, La Cañada, Los Verdiales, Camino de Camoján, Los Cipreses, Huerto del Café, La Vaguada, Fasampa, Playas Andaluzas, Cerrado de Elviria, Calle Padre José Vera and Calle Finlandia.

Isabel Pérez, who was until recently the Town Planning councillor in Marbella, says this is nothing new and in fact it had already been agreed. “They are creating a problem where none existed,” she insists.