A happy ending for Negri

Negri with her new owners.
Negri with her new owners. / I. G.
  • The dog, rescued from an attempted hanging by her previous owner, has finally found a safe home in Almogía

Despite the horrible series of events that Negri has had to endure, her nightmare tale has finally reached a happy conclusion. On 12 June at around 5.45pm, police in Fuengirola received a call alerting them that a man (Negri's previous owner) was allegedly attempting to hang a dog with its lead in the middle of Fuengirola's Plaza de la Constitución.

When police officers arrived on the scene, they found the individual in pursuit of the dog which had, by this point, managed to free itself from the perpetrator and according to witnesses, was completely terrified. The police officers were able to intercept both Negri and her previous owner.

After detaining the man, the police carried out a series of interviews with witnesses. According to those that saw the event unfold, the man in question was seen trying to hang the dog using its lead. After this failed, he supposedly went on to use his own hands to suspend the dog in the air by its neck, but Negri was able to escape his grasp.

The man was detained by police officers on a charge of animal cruelty and Negri was taken to a dog pound.

Fran, one of the police officers called to the horrific act of animal violence in Fuengirola said: “A few days after we found her, we returned to the dog pound to discharge her and leave her in an animal shelter. We even paid out of our own pockets, because the truth is, the story affected us.” Fran even thought of adopting Negri himself, however with two dogs already and a daughter on the way, another addition to the family home would have been chaos.

A new home

Recently, Negri’s life has taken a positive turn. A British couple, from the Almogía area have adopted Negri and have shown her the love and care that animals deserve. Martha (who prefers not to give her real name) told SUR: “Negri has adapted to living with us very well. I will never forget this story, and I will always make sure that she (Negri) is in good health and above all, has a happy life.”