Animal charity president convicted of cruelty now accused of fraud

Carmen Marín, after one of her court appearances.
Carmen Marín, after one of her court appearances. / A. G.
  • Carmen Marín, the former head of the disgraced animal shelter Parque Animal, faces charges of defrauding benefactors and pet owners

The former animal shelter head who was convicted of animal cruelty and document falsification earlier this year, now faces new charges, this time for fraud.

Carmen Marín was given four years in prison for sacrificing hundreds of dogs and cats unnecessarily and falsifying related paperwork.

This new case, brought by the public prosecution department, accuses Marín of defrauding the association’s benefactors who donated funds, as well as the individuals who handed over their animals trusting in its false “zero sacrifice” policy.

Owners gave the organisation money for the upkeep of the animals they were giving up and to process their adoption. The animals, however, were killed soon after their arrival at the so-called shelter.

The public prosecution alleges that this activity amounts to fraud. The case is in the hands of a Torremolinos court which already found in its investigation last year that Marín and her two daughters used funds from the shelter for personal expenses. These included 104,000 euros in department stores as well as the refit of a beauty salon, holidays in luxury hotels, driving lessons, vehicles and restaurant bills.

Part of the sum, thought to be as much as 380,000 euros, came from subsidies granted to the association by Torremolinos town hall.