Are tourists on the Costa del Sol intimidated by terrorism?

Tourists in Torremolinos at the weekend.
Tourists in Torremolinos at the weekend. / T. BRYANT
  • Visitors said this week that they felt at no extra risk following the recent terrorist attacks in Catalonia

The recent terrorist attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils last week have outraged the world. The attacks, which resulted in the deaths of 15 people, and left more than 100 injured, happened during the height of the summer season when thousands of tourists were enjoying their annual holidays.

Amazingly, just 24 hours later, the people returned to the Las Ramblas boulevard, as if unperturbed by the previous day’s atrocities. They were obviously still in shock and disturbed by the whole affair, but they were determined to show the so-called Islamic State that they would not be beaten.

The same attitude could be found on the Costa del Sol, where many visiting tourists said they felt at no extra risk following the latest incidents in Catalonia.

Ashleigh, a former British soldier, was visiting Torremolinos with his wife and two young children for the first time. He claims that the recent attacks, both here and in Britain, have not deterred him at all.

"We can't let it change the way we live"

“The attacks in Manchester brought it to our doorstep, but this is happening all over Europe and we can't let this change the way we live our lives. The only thing we do not consider now is taking a holiday in a Muslim country like Tunisia or Turkey,” Ashleigh told SUR in English.

His wife, Zoey, was not quite as confident and she admitted that if they were due to come to Spain after the attacks had taken place, she would have been a little more worried, although it would not have stopped her from coming.

“You can’t let it scare you too much, you cannot just stay indoors, but it is worrying, especially when you have young children,” Zoey said.

Mary and Fergus from Cheshire were also defiant in their stand against terrorism and they were adamant they would not let it destroy their holiday.

“We been coming here for many years now and it hasn’t changed anything. Of course, you have to be aware of the situation, but you need to do this wherever you are today,” Mary explained.

The Beasley family.

The Beasley family. / T. BRYANT

Wary of large events

Peter and Lynn Beasley, from South Wales, were on holiday with their grandchildren in Benalmádena when the terrorists struck last week.

“This has definitely made us more alert and we would think twice about going to a large event that is accessible to vehicles, but it won’t stop us coming to Spain, because these attacks can happen anywhere,” Peter said.

However, Ana and Diego García, from Cordoba, were quite concerned at the possibility of more attacks on Spanish tourist areas.

“We need to be very careful now, because we do not know where these people are and what they intend to do next. We have not had any attacks recently, but this really brings the problem closer to home,” Diego declared.

In general, the tourists and visitors on the Costa del Sol seem to be enjoying the holiday season and going about their business as usual, determined not to let the terrorist win, and even the possibility of more attacks will not deter most people from taking their holidays here in the future.