More good news for Ángeles Muñoz as town plan inquiry is closed

As well as the likely surprise return to being mayor of Marbella after losing control of the council in 2015, there was more good news for the PP’s Ángeles Muñoz this week. It has been announced that an investigation into the town hall for allegedly doctoring the master town plan when she was in power last time was being shelved. Muñoz had been reported as part of the case but never formally investigated.

The investigation centred on allegations that officials had slipped in some modifications to a previously agreed new master town plan document, known as the PGOU, in 2009. These changes in part favoured some property belonging to the then mayor by changing a boundary line between Marbella and the neighbouring municipality of Benahavís, it was suggested.

The new plan in itself went on to be overturned by a court for different reasons and Marbella is still using a heavily outdated 1986 plan while it gets ready to write an urgently needed new one.

Speaking this week, after the case was dropped, Muñoz said, “This knocks down all the PSOE’s lies and puts an end to a dispute that they have tried to take advantage of, against the interests of the town,” adding that the scandal had deliberately been created to damage the credibility of the PP.

It wasn’t clear this week, if Muñoz is returned as mayor again on August 29th, if she will give up her seat in the Senate, Spain’s upper house. “We will take the decision that is best for Marbella,” she explained.