Complaints grow over spread of sunbeds on local beaches

Complaints grow over spread of sunbeds on local beaches
  • Torremolinos residents step up complaints as beach bars continue to spread their sunbeds across the beach

Residents and businesses near Torremolinos' beaches have stepped up their complaints about beach bars that are spreading out their sunbeds all over the sand.

Around twenty formal warnings have been given out recently by the local council and the problem is particularly bad in the La Carihuela area.

Dozens of people who earn their living from the beaches met with the local councillor responsible for beaches, Maribel Tocón, last week to voice their concerns, saying that it was “unfair competition” and “gave a bad impression”.

Some businesses defended themselves, saying that the east wind often erodes sand, which means that they cannot use the legal number of square metres they are entitled to and they have to spread out elsewhere. On average the Junta gives permission for 500 square metres of sand to beach bars and restaurants in their licences.

Locals say the problem is getting worse as beach bars upgrade their facilities on the sand to include dining and “chillout beds”, often fencing off areas, which is illegal. They say that soon there’ll be no room for their towels.