San Pedro councillors threaten to bring down Marbella's mayor

Rafael Piña of OSP (r) chats with PPcouncillors in San Pedro.
Rafael Piña of OSP (r) chats with PPcouncillors in San Pedro. / C. M.
  • The three OSP members of the town hall’s ruling coalition have been offered favours for San Pedro by the PP opposition if they agree to swap sides

The position of José Bernal as PSOEmayor of Marbella looked to be in doubt this week as three councillors in his ruling coalition mulled over an offer from the opposition PP party to swap sides.

The three councillors from Opción Sampedreña (OSP), which seeks to separate the town of San Pedro from the control of Marbella council, have been voting with the coalition of the PSOE and Izquierda Unida (IU)parties since local elections in 2015 unseated the PP mayor, Angela Muñoz.

This three-party ruling coalition has 12 seats, against the PP’s 13, which means that mayor José Bernal has to rely on the two votes of councillors from Podemos to get many of his motions passed.

Now the three OSP councillors have grown tired of the uncertainty generated every time a vote needs to be made, reminding the mayor that they only agreed to go into the coalition deal for two years. Angela Muñoz’s PP have offered concessions, if OSP agrees to give them back their majority, that would see more council resources allocated to San Pedro.

PSOE and IU are now working on a counter offer for the OSP, with José Bernal saying that the PP cannot offer the people of San Pedro “honesty and integrity”. The OSP party is likely to decide which way to turn at a meeting relatively soon.

The uncertainty comes the week after Marbella council failed to vote on unblocking the long process towards a new, legal PGOUmaster town plan. An unfavourable report from the town hall’s own lawyers and a dispute over details with Podemos prevented any progess being made in the last council meeting.