Hope for CIOMijas workers as payout of three years' missing salary seems to get closer

  • The long-awaited winding up of the consortium may happen as soon as next week

Workers at a hotel and catering college that has been shut for three years could soon be getting their outstanding pay checks.

The CIOMijas college, in La Cala de Mijas, closed when the consortium running it, a joint venture of the Junta de Andalucía as majority partner and Mijas council, became embroiled in legal red tape when it tried to wind itself up. It meant the doors shut and the salaries of five remaining staff went unpaid. The last time they received pay was in late 2014 although they have continued to turn up for work in the disused building.

Legal shortcut

Despite various lawsuits against the Junta and the consortium, they had become resigned to having to wait for the wind up of the consortium before finally getting paid.

There was joy last week after a court decision in an action brought by one employee in the meantime seemed to suggest that the way would be cleared earlier than expected to getting the salaries paid via a legal shortcut.

This now appears to have been a false dawn, as officials at the Junta, who had implied that they would be forced to pay out after the court sentence, appeared to backtrack, saying that if Mijas council, the minority partner, appealed the ruling, it would delay payment. Mijas said earlier this week that it was seeking legal advice as soon as possible.

However it looks like the story may have a happier ending sooner than expected as sources have said that the long-awaited winding up of the consortium may happen as soon as next week, meaning the employees will finally get their money without court action.