Fuengirola refuse collectors and street cleaners call an "indefinite" strike

Fuengirola refuse collectors and street cleaners call an "indefinite" strike
  • Workers at Urbaser, the company tasked with most cleaning services in the town, have threatened to strike for a month when visitor numbers swell

An indefinite strike has been called for 7 August by workers at Urbaser, the company contracted to carry out street cleaning and refuse collection in large parts of Fuengirola.

According to sources at the company’s workers committee, the dispute centres around workers’ rights, specifically those of refuse collectors who are calling for a new agreement which will give them equal employment rights to their street cleaning counterparts.

At present, they do not get the same number of days off and negotations with the company have broken down after they refused an offer described as “a joke”. “They offered us a rise of one per cent, but at the same time were going to punish us for missing work through illness, or in my case, use of trade union hours,” said one of the members of the committee.

As a result, in a gathering of more than 70 per cent of members, they voted “practically unanimously” to start a strike on 7 August.

This strike action has caused great concern in the local council, with Ciudadanos spokesman Javier Toro urging Urbaser to meet the demands, warning that the task in hand was “very significant” as the quantity of waste in the municipality was “constantly increasing” and would do so in August because of the vast number of visitors expected.