Man set on fire at Jubrique roadside was a drug mule

  • Detectives found liquid cocaine inside his body and believe it is likely he died from an overdose

A man whose body was recovered from a burning vehicle on the side of the MA-8301 between Estepona and Jubrique on Tuesday is found to have been transporting liquid cocaine inside his body.

He had consumed 12 capsules, confirming the hypothesis that he had been operating as a drug mule.

His body was burnt completely, making identification difficult for the police.

Authorities were alerted to the scene after a passerby saw the flames and two vehicles speeding away from the scene. When he approached the vehicle, he discovered a body was inside.

Firefighters quickly attended the scene, fearing that the fire could spread to the nearby woodland.

Police are currently investigating on the basis that the man died as a result of an overdose after one of the capsules broke and that the traffickers decided to get rid of the body by setting fire to it.