Cashpoint explosion 'master' held

CCTV footage.
CCTV footage. / SUR
  • A 45-year-old Italian man in the presumed leader of a gang linked to ATM robberies in Estepona, Malaga and Cordoba

A 45-year-old Italian man, considered a “master” in breaking into cash machines using explosives, has been arrested in Mijas.

Using techniques employed in his homeland, this “pioneer” was able to break into ATMs using explosive powder in a way that opened the casing without causing any damage to the notes.

According to sources, he even offered private classes to share his expertise with other criminals.

He was detained along with six others, aged between 32 and 59 who are believed to be part of the network of which he is head, according to the provincial police headquarters, in connection with a series of robberies of this kind across Malaga and Cordoba provinces, in which the gang made off with more than 80,000 euros.

‘Operación Trueno’, as it was called, began on 17 March after CCTV footage helped to identify some of the perpetrators of a robbery on an industrial estate in Cordoba and, in the process, connect these criminals to another attack in Estepona on 30 January.

Further investigations concluded that these same criminals were also responsible for robberies in Antequera and Malaga.

All seven men, face charges of possession of explosives and robbery.