Rincón mayor announces plans to gather residents' opinions on promenade project

Salado signs the manifesto.
Salado signs the manifesto. / SUR
  • A local group has been formed in Benagalbón to protect what it says are the last untouched sand dunes in the province

Mayor of Rincón de la Victoria Francisco Salado announced last weekend that residents of Rincón, including those in Benagalbón and La Cala del Moral, will be asked their opinion on the promenade project in Torre de Benagalbón.

He said that a company will be contracted to conduct a survey of residents’ opinions, adding, “We can’t make mistakes.”

Salado also said that the report should be completed by the end of summer, with a view to negotiating with the Coasts Authority from September for the project’s inclusion in the 2018 state budget.

Plans for a promenade in Torre de Benagalbón have met with controversy, leading to the formation of the group Plataforma Lirios de Mar, which has gathered over 6,000 signatures in a petition against the project.

The group believes that building a promenade would destroy the ecosystem of the local sand dunes, which they say are some of the last untouched dunes in Malaga province.