Nine per cent of C-1 trains were cancelled last week
Nine per cent of C-1 trains were cancelled last week / SUR

Renfe states there will be no more Cercanías cancellations after bolstering workforce

  • In eight days 72 trains on the C-1 line from Malaga to Fuengirola, the most profitable line in Spain, were cancelled

Renfe has announced that the chaos caused by last week's Cercanías train cancellations is over. The spokesperson for Cercanías in Andalucía, Julián Fernández Muriana, announced that six members of staff had been absent at the same time last week, which caused the 72 cancellations on the C-1 line from Malaga to Fuengirola. He confirmed that service will resume as normal this week now that four train drivers have been brought in from other provinces.

Fernández Muriana has also stated that the cancellations, which caused delays of up to 20 minutes, arose due to “a number of unforeseen and coinciding events", rather than a lack of forward planning. Of the six drivers who were absent, three had been declared temporarily unfit for work by Renfe medical staff, two were on sick leave due to a common illness and one had other work commitments.

The temporary staff reinforcements will take the number of drivers to 38, the amount necessary to ensure that all trains on the C-1 line can run as normal. Fernández Muriana has also apologised for any inconvenience caused to passengers from delays which resulted from the cancellations.