Malaga province’s tax HQ to be vacated because of structural damage

The tax authority office has already had support beams added.
The tax authority office has already had support beams added. / SUR
  • Six hundred Hacienda officials will need to move out as the 1970s-built building faces many months of urgent structural repairs

A report has said that the main tax HQ in the centre of Malaga will need to be vacated for essential repairs to be carried out.

It means that 600 workers will have to find new office accommodation in the city over the next few months, with no date set for when the building will have to be emptied nor when staff will be able to move back in again.

Trade unions have been told the news this week by bosses at the Hacienda office, which oversees tax collection across the province.

The thirteen-storey building, situated alongside the El Corte Inglés department store was built between 1975 and 1979. The engineers’ report on its current condition says that the overall structure has weakened and cracks have opened up in certain parts.

At the moment the three basement parking levels are closed after flooding caused by heavy rain last winter. In addition, tax office sources said that other parts of the building have had temporary supports added as an urgent safety precaution. There is no imminent risk of collapse, however, they said.

As the building is relatively new, Malaga city council said that it does not need to regularly inspect the structure and so was unaware of the condition of the building.

No home to go to yet

After hearing the news, union sources said that it still wasn’t clear when staff would need to move out, with estimates ranging from within a few months to by the end of the year.

Tax bosses are also scrambling to find alternative accommodation for the many workers. Sources have suggested that existing Hacienda buildings in and around the port will be used. However this won’t be enough and extra rented offices will need to be found.

No time has been set for how long the works will go on for but with the scale of the damage to the building, it is expected to stand empty for well over a year.