Junta tourism minister calls for Madrid’s help over British holiday-sickness claims

  • The hotel sector believes that 90 per cent of the claims are false

The Junta de Andalucía has issued a plea for more help from central government to stop the wave of claims against hoteliers by British holidaymakers for supposed illness while in Spain.

Regional tourism minister, Francisco Javier Fernández, called on Madrid to do more, saying the situation needed “mediation with the British authorities by the Spanish government...and the help of national security forces on the stretches of coast affected.”

The hotel sector has become increasingly concerned about claims organised through UK legal firms in British courts from tourists who say they get sick on holiday, mainly in all-inclusive hotels. The claims are made against tour operators who pass the bill to hoteliers. They say some 90 percent of the claims are false. So far Andalucía has escaped the worst.