La Cala residents start to campaign against the proposed racing track

  • The residents’ association is to distribute leaflets and hasn’t ruled out a demonstration

Residents in La Cala de Mijas have begun a campaign against the private project, known as the Ciudad del Motor, that involves the construction of motor racing facilities on land in the area.

The residents’ association, whose president is Jesús Sepúlveda, has described the project as a “robbery” of the local people as the land in question is designated for public facilities.

Sepúlveda recently announced, after an unofficial survey, that 90 per cent of local people were against the project. Last week’s announcement by the council that a ‘rigorous’ survey would be carried out, to include all residents in Mijas and not just those in La Cala, has angered Sepúlveda, who has said that the association’s position would be explained to local people through the distribution of flyers.

“We ‘caleños’ aren’t going to sit back with our arms folded and we will step up pressure every day,” said the president. “If this land, designated for public facilities, is transferred to the private sector, there will be political consequences throughout the municipality.”

Sepúlveda likened the potential situation to that of Marbella where “there is no space left for a school or even a nursery, because GIL put all public land into the hands of private developers”.