Two bouncers still in hospital after knife attack on Torremolinos seafront

Police were quick on the scene following the stabbing.
Police were quick on the scene following the stabbing. / Ñ. Salas
  • The doormen were both stabbed in the back by a man upset after his brother was thrown out from Kokun Oceanclub

Two bouncers at the Kokun Oceanclub in Torremolinos were stabbed by a young man on Sunday evening after they ejected his brother from the venue.

The incident happened at around 10pm at the club, where MotoGP fans had gathered to watch the Catalonian Grand Prix earlier in the day.

The doormen decided to eject a man who was reported by other guests as causing annoyance, escorting him to the door. His brother, who was accompanying him, followed suit, leaving the club, without initially causing any fuss.

However, as the bouncers turned back after escorting them to the street, the brother allegedly took out a knife and stabbed both of them in the back, one receiving two blows, the other just the one.

The two men fled towards Los Álamos beach and not long afterwards were being chased by several bathers who tried to stop them from getting away. Eventually, the bathers managed to catch them, and according to eye witnesses, started to hit them.

Soon after, the first National Police patrol, that had received several calls alerting them to the situation, arrived on the scene and arrested the two men.

The two bouncers were taken to the Clínico Universitario hospital. Their condition is described as “serious but stable” and they have since been discharged from intensive care.

The brothers were taken to Torremolinos police station. The older of the two, who is believed to have carried out the stabbing -Jesús R. S., 48- appeared in court on Wednesday and has been remanded in custody without bail. He is currently under investigation on two counts of attempted murder and possession of a weapon.

His younger brother -Oscar R.S., 39- has been released with charges as he undergoes treatment for a broken jaw.