Man arrested for trying to hang his dog in Fuengirola square

Two National Police officers with the rescued dog.
Two National Police officers with the rescued dog. / SUR
  • The individual allegedly attempted to kill the dog, firstly with a lead, before using his own hands to try to strangle the animal

National Police officers have arrested a man who allegedly tried to hang his dog in a public square in Fuengirola.

The incident took place on Monday at 5.45pm in the town's Plaza de la Constitución, in full view of several people who were in the square at the time.

Having received a call from a witness, the National Police arrived swiftly on the scene, where they found the man chasing after the dog, which was running away from its owner looking "terrified".

After arresting the man, National Police officers interviewed eye witnesses, who confirmed that they had seen the man try to hang the animal using a dog lead, and when that failed, he attempted to strangle the dog with his bare hands, but it managed to wriggle out of his grasp.

The dog has now been put in an animal shelter.