Former mayor of Mijas to be investigated over bribery allegations

  • PP spokesman Ángel Nozal resists demands to resign despite calls that he be put under official investigation for his role in the so-called ‘caso Mijas’

Two months after Malaga anti-corruption public prosecutors opened their initial inquiry into the so-called ‘caso Mijas’, the body has instructed a judge to investigate the conduct of PP spokesman and former mayor of Mijas, Ángel Nozal, and former PP councillor, Santiago Martín, who resigned in the immediate aftermath as a result of controversy.

SUR sources say that the prosecution office has instructed judges in Fuengirola to start formal investigations after concluding that bribery could have taken place.

In their initial inquiries, triggered by an exposé published in SUR on 15 and 16 March, they found “indications of an offer of a financial nature” from a public official.

Recorded conversations

The investigation stems from a recorded conversation between Martín and CSSP councillor, Francisco Martínez, in which the former appears to offer a job at Club La Costa in Mijas in return for his vote of no confidence in a bid to oust the town’s mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado.

Calls for Nozal’s resignation have been growing. But despite this, and several other ongoing investigations into his conduct (including over ‘express auctions’ of municipal land and the management of the Costa del Sol racecourse), Nozal remains in his post.