Hikers celebrate first year of the scenic bench that raises awareness of Butterfly Skin

Supporters celebrate reaching the top of La Concha.
Supporters celebrate reaching the top of La Concha. / SUR
  • Supporters of the DEBRA charity climbed La Concha mountain in Marbella to check on the seat that has attracted so much attention

The DEBRA Butterfly Children Charity has celebrated the first anniversary of its bench situated at the peak of La Concha mountain, 1,215 metres above sea level.

The seat was the brainchild of local Marbella fireman José Pérez Bellido. José wanted to give visibility to the rare Butterfly Skin condition at the same time as offering a place to rest and take in the views. With the help of fellow firemen, the La Caixa charity foundation and the town hall, José saw his dream become reality a year ago. Since then hundreds of visitors have sat on the bench and shared selfies with the hashtag #BancoSolidario and @pieldemariposa, raising awareness of the cause.

To celebrate the anniversary and to pay tribute to all the Butterfly Children families, a group of supporters set off to reach the peak on Wednesday.

Twelve-year-old Adrián Soto, who has the rare condition, was treated to a helicopter ride overhead instead in order to fulfill his dream of seeing the bench in person.