Emergency measures announced to bring water to inland villages

Tankers supplying an inland village last year (file photo).
Tankers supplying an inland village last year (file photo). / SUR
  • Some 6.5 million euros will be spent to improve supplies, as reserves get low and big infrastructure- improvement projects fail to get off the ground

The Diputación, the provincial authority, has announced that it will spend a total of 6.5 million euros this year to improve water supplies to some 70 villages in the province, most of them inland.

The news comes as the dry summer months start and local wells and reservoirs are at very low levels, since heavy downpours over the winter and spring have failed to replenish them enough. The village of Campillos, in the north of the province, has already resorted to tankers to bring in water, even though the dry season has hardly begun.

Around four million euros will be spent on 70 pre-planned projects, including renewing piping and storage tanks, prevention of seepage and investigation of new sources in the 70 villages. It is hoped that the problems in Campillos will be partly resolved by one of these schemes.

In addition, 2.5 million euros of budget surplus from 2016 will go towards further emergency remedial water supply work in fifteen towns and villages.

As well as concern about water levels in Campillos and nearby villages, several communities in the mountains around Ronda are getting ready to bring in tankers. More water is needed for homes and crops over the summer as here, the poor quality, old piping cannot cope with demand.

No sign of new infrastructure

Major infrastructure projects to help alleviate water shortages in the long term have yet to be started by the Junta de Andalucía, however.

On the coast, the Junta says it doesn’t plan to budget for the 65 million euros needed in order to be able to pump excess water from Marbella’s La Concepción reservoir eastwards to the Axarquía, which needs better water supplies.

In the north of Malaga province, local mayors have met to encourage the Junta to start a promised investment in a pipeline from Cordoba province’s Iznájar reservoir to their inland villages nearby.