Prison for teenager arrested in Fuengirola ‘sexting’ rape case

Police are investigating the case.
Police are investigating the case. / SUR
  • The 18-year-old suspect has been remanded in custody accused of sexual assault, coercion and possession of child pornography involving a 13-year-old girl

National Police have arrested an 18-year-old man in connection with the rape and blackmail of a 13-year-old girl he had contacted on social media.

The victim’s parents raised the alarm last week when they reported that the minor, resident on the western Costa del Sol, had been forced into having sexual relations after the suspect allegedly threatened to post intimate images of her online.

The suspect met the 13-year-old girl on a social media site, where the two began to exchange messages. According to sources close to the case, the arrested man then persuaded the girl to send intimate photographs of herself.

The statements of both victim and suspect say that they met in person for the first time at the request of the young man in Fuengirola. At the end of this meeting, however, the victim reportedly told the suspect that she no longer wished to continue their “relationship”. From that point onwards their accounts differ completely.

Blackmail claim by victim

The victim has stated that the suspect became angry with her and forced her to meet up with him a second time. He then blackmailed her into having sex, in order to prevent him from uploading her intimate photos to Instagram for the public to see. It has been suggested that he would have continued to blackmail his victim in this way if he had not been reported to the police.

The suspect, however, denies ever meeting with the girl for a second time, and therefore also denies committing the sexual abuse he is being accused of.

The suspect has no previous convictions, however the judge ordered him to be remanded in custody accused of sexual assault, coercion and the possession of child pornography. His defence has appealed the decision.

Last week the association that helps fight addictions, Proyecto Hombre, stated in a report that one in three children aged between 12 and 14 had admitted to practising ‘sexting’, the exchange of intimate images via social media.