Warehouse thieves get away with mobile phones worth 800,000 euros

The warehouse where the robbery took place.
The warehouse where the robbery took place. / S. Salas
  • Around 18,000 devices were stolen from a building on the Guadalhorce industrial estate in the early hours of the May Day holiday

Police are following up several lines of inquiry after 800,000 euros worth of top-of-the-range mobile phones were stolen in an unprecedented raid on a warehouse on the Guadalhorce industrial estate.

The theft took place in the early hours of Monday 1 May after the gang, thought to be made up of three or four people, broke into the warehouse through a window.

Having torn down the metal bars, which they then put back in their original position to avoid raising suspicion, they forced open a sliding door to let in a lorry which they loaded with around 18,000 devices.

It is not known how much time they spent in the warehouse; there is no security camera footage as the thieves destroyed the video surveillance system.

The possibility that they made more than one journey to the warehouse with the lorry, given the quantity of items stolen, has not been ruled out by police.

The owners did not discover the robbery until the morning of 2 May, when they found that only around 100 of the cheapest mobile phones had been left behind.

The thieves are believed to have taken more than 2,000 Nokia phones, as well as a similar number of Samsung and Huawei mobiles.

Around one hundred Apple devices, mainly of the iPhone 7 model, were also taken.

Tablets, waterproof cameras, flash drives, memory cards and external hard disks were among the other devices stolen.