Town moves a step closer to saving its beaches with breakwaters

Damage to La Venus beach in Marbella after the last storm.
Damage to La Venus beach in Marbella after the last storm. / Josele-Lanza
  • Marbella council has offered to fund the work that the national government needs to carry out to protect the San Pedro shore and beaches in the centre

At a meeting in Madrid last week, representatives from Marbella council discussed with environment ministry officials their plan to protect the town’s shoreline from erosion and restore sand to the beaches.

During the meeting, the government’s coastal authority, that is responsible for protecting this coastline, announced that work will be put out to tender this year for long-awaited schemes around Marbella.

Among the plans agreed are the stablisation of the shore at San Pedro and the construction of a series of breakwaters to trap sand along beaches between the Nagüeles and La Bajadilla areas at the centre of the town. These parts of the coast have suffered a lot in recent storms and lack the infrastructure to automatically replenish the sand when it is swept away.

In an innovative funding offer, Marbella council has said it will put up the 11 million euros for the work, which the government would refund over time. This initial tender phase will be funded by government.