The province has the highest number of registered pets in Andalucía

  • Most of the domestic animals on the register are dogs, including those deemed to be breeds which are potentially dangerous

Animal awareness in Malaga is reflected in the official statistics. Figures from the central domestic animal register, which is managed by the Junta de Andalucía, show that 46,173 pets were registered in Malaga in 2016, the highest in the region, followed by Seville and Cadiz. In Andalucía as a whole, 205,857 were registered, so nearly a quarter (22.5 per cent) were in Malaga.

There are about 3,800 new entries a month in Malaga. Of the total last year, 39,748 were dogs (2,208 considered potentially dangerous breeds), 6,145 were cats, 139 ferrets and 141 other species. During 2016, 14,131 animals were taken off the register. The total number of pets on the register is 549,195, which is an increase of nearly 10 per cent compared with 2015. The vast majority are dogs.

It is obligatory for owners to register their pets, as this enables the authorities to put preventive or urgent sanitary measures in place in case of illness which can be passed to humans and other animals, and makes it easier to recover pets which have been lost or stolen, and to intervene in cases of cruelty.


Of all the registered dogs, 14,001 (2.8 per cent of the total) are potentially dangerous. This means they are of a breed which, because of its aggressive character, size or powerful jaw, could cause injury to humans.