Light aircraft crash in Axarquía leaves three German occupants dead

The light aircraft was completely destroyed.
The light aircraft was completely destroyed. / José Luis Romero
  • An inquiry has begun into the reasons behind the accident, which killed the pilot and two passengers on impact in the Sierra Tejeda area

The second fatal light aircraft crash so far this year in the Axarquía area happened last Saturday afternoon.

An investigation has been launched into the reasons behind the accident, after a married couple in their 60s and a 45 year old woman, who were participating in an air rally to Morocco, are believed to have died instantly as the aircraft crashed in the Los Pradillos area of Sierra Tejeda.

The plane’s occupants began the rally in Germany, their native country, with six other light aircraft, and headed to the south of France in the first phase of the rally.

Granada airport was the destination of the second stage. After stopping off at Alicante, the aircraft returned to the sky for the last stretch of its journey along the coast.

However, at around 4.30pm, after the pilot had begun a descent into Granada over Nerja, the air traffic control centre that was tracking the flight lost contact with the aircraft before it had reached Granada.

After it emerged that the aircraft had not landed at any of the airfields in Granada province, air traffic control informed the emergency services at 8pm.

The destroyed aircraft was found by a Guardia Civil helicopter at an altitude of 1,600 metres in very rough terrain later that day. However, due to thick fog and ground conditions, Guardia Civil officers were unable to retrieve the bodies of the three onboard until the following morning.

The bodies are now undergoing a post-mortem and civil aviation authorities are working in conjunction with the Guardia Civil in an investigation to discover the exact reasons for the crash.