Lux Mundi relies of the solidarity of its volunteers.
Lux Mundi relies of the solidarity of its volunteers. / T. Bryant

Lux Mundi seeks volunteers to help the homeless in Fuengirola

  • The soup kitchen serves hot meals every Monday to people of different nationalities who are living on the town’s streets

The Lux Mundi ecumenical centre is appealing for volunteers to help with the daily running of its facility in Fuengirola.

The Christian charity, which has been serving people of all nationalities for more than 40 years, maintains its centre thanks to the daily efforts of its volunteers, friends and benefactors. It is currently struggling, however, to cope with the upkeep and is appealing to the public for help.

Lux Mundi offers a range of services to the homeless and people in need, and one of these is to provide a warm meal for around 30 people every Monday lunchtime.

The charity also supplies a takeaway packed lunch on a Thursday.

In order to keep up this service, Lux Mundi relies on people to collect food from supermarkets and local suppliers, prepare and cook the meal, organise tables and serve the food and clean away after the dinner is over.

“We offer a hot meal on a Monday and we distribute takeaway sandwiches and snacks to people on a Thursday, and so we need people to help out with all aspects of this service,” explained Gloria Uribe, the centre’s director and a volunteer for more than 25 years.

The charity particularly needs people to help out during the summer months, as this is a time when many of the regular volunteers return home.

The soup kitchen mainly caters for Spanish, British and Scandinavian people who come from varying broken backgrounds.

Lux Mundi also supplies the homeless and the underprivileged with clothes, shoes and toiletries. During the colder winter months, it provides sleeping bags, blankets and warm clothes, and volunteers are also needed to organise and help out with this side of the operation.

When the soup kitchen began around ten years ago, the centre would cater for about 50 people every Monday. Today, these figures have dropped, although the volunteers never actually know how many will turn up.

“The homeless problem was at its worst at the beginning of the crisis and we were serving more people compared to today. This is good news, because it means that some of these people have possibly found work and are beginning to sort themselves out,” Fedder Lund, organiser of the soup kitchen, told SUR in English.

Lux Mundi needs volunteers who can speak a little Spanish, in order to help out with deliveries and collections. They also need people who are familiar with the organisation and running of a working kitchen.

Fedder Lund has been with Lux Mundi for six years. He is dedicated to the work he undertakes at the ecumenical centre and he understands the great necessity of the local underprivileged people.

Meeting point

“I firmly believe that there is a certain percentage of people in every country who are not able to look after themselves and I believe society has to look after them,” Ledder said with conviction.

The charity has recently benefited from the generosity of the La Cala de Mijas Lions Club, but it is still in need of donations of money, dried and tinned food, clothing and shoes.

“This centre is a meeting point for people who are on the streets and for those who have difficulties. In order to continue to help these people, we need the support of those who are able to offer a little of their spare time,” Gloria Uribe concluded.