Corominas site revives programme of workshops and concerts

Inside the Corominas centre, where prehistoric tombs can be seen.
Inside the Corominas centre, where prehistoric tombs can be seen. / L. P
  • Within the next few weeks the Corominas megalithic centre will begin new workshops for secondary school pupils and resume its concert programme

The five methalithic tombs dating back 5,000 years on the Corominas site in Estepona will soon be surrounded by music once again. A new programme of concerts and workshops for schoolchildren inside the visitor centre begins this weekend, it was announced earlier this week.

The Corominas necropolis hosted concerts for years due to its excellent acoustics. After the centre’s management changed hands in January the concert programme was interrupted, however from this Saturday (22 April) residents and tourists will be able to enjoy concerts at the venue once again.

The lineup for the first concert includes flamenco guitarists Julián Bedmar, Bastian Eidler and Francisco Infantes, which will be followed by string and Brazilian-inspired concerts next month.

The centre’s new management also hopes to bring more young visitors through the doors with the new workshops. These vary according to the age of the pupils participating. Cave painting workshops will be available alongside classes on how to be an archaeologist.

“We hide objects in a sandbox and give the pupils the tools needed to find them and make discoveries like an archaeologist,” informed manager Ludario Ocaña, in relation to the workshops designed for younger children.

Of course the workshops and concerts are not the only reason to visit the Corominas, as was stressed by Ocaña. “These dolmens were found during the construction of the AP-7 towards Guadiaro. The discovery confirmed that this area was populated around 5,000 years ago and so far it is the only discovery of its kind from Cadiz to Almeria,” he said.

A key motive behind the centre’s new agenda is to raise 25,000 euros to invest in better signposting throughout the town so that visitors will be able to find the centre’s location in Parque de los Pedregales more easily.

Tickets for Saturday’s event were put on sale at 12 euros and include refreshments. Reservations can be made by calling 675942975 or 626912311.