Plan showing the junction at kilometre 222 with the improvements to be made.
Plan showing the junction at kilometre 222 with the improvements to be made. / A.G

Arroyo de la Miel A-7 junction works aim to put an end to long tailbacks

  • The scheme, which will cost over ten million euros, includes a large roundabout to keep the traffic flowing at the congested exit

The Ministry of Public Works has now awarded the contract for remodelling the exit to Arroyo de la Miel at kilometre 222 on the A-7 motorway, at a cost of 10.1 million euros. The works will resolve the problems caused by the volume of traffic that uses the junction to access Arroyo and Benalmádena Costa.

According to the plans, the length of the new stretch of road, including slip roads, is approximately 2.3 kilometres and the present layout for the junction will be changed without altering its functionality.

In future, traffic joining and leaving the A-7 in Benalmádena will do so via a large new roundabout. Filter lanes will also be created on the motorway between the access road and the Arroyo de la Miel service station, between kilometres 223 and 224.

New structures

Several new structures will have to be built, including two new underpasses, four walls and the widening of the existing underpass. Some 876 metres of noise barriers will also be installed.

The budget for the work is seven million euros less than the amount expected when the contract was put to tender. It was published in the Official State Bulletin at a cost of 17.9 million euros.

The works will put an end to a situation that has caused problems at peak travelling times for years; the traffic jams mean that drivers wanting to exit the motorway have to wait on the hard shoulder for several minutes, while other vehicles pass them at high speeds.

This makes it impossible to leave the distance stipulated by law between the waiting vehicles and those passing them, and this increases the risk of accidents.

The junction is used by 15,000 vehicles a day and has become the main access to Benalmádena from the motorway.

The president of the Partido Popular political party in Benalmádena, Paloma García Gálvez, who was the mayor when the first funds were allocated for this project, has welcomed the restart of the project.

Still no start date

She said it is “the best possible news” for the municipality and that she hopes the contract will be signed very soon. She also called on the council and MPs from all parties to urge Madrid to complete the administrative processes quickly so that the works, for which there is still no start date, can begin.

The daily difficulty in accessing Arroyo de la Miel is one of the main infrastructure problems on the Costa del Sol. Paloma García Gálvez has said credit must be given to Malaga MP Celia Villalobos (also PP), who has been continually pushing for a solution to the problem. She said Villalobos has played an “essential” role in unblocking a project wh