Sheikh Al-Thani visits Torremolinos to offer potential investment ideas

  • Mayor José Ortiz has been in talks with the Sheikh about the potential of new investments in the town

The mayor of Torremolinos, José Ortiz, has held an initial meeting with Sheikh Al-Thani about possible future investment in the town.

According to sources, the sheikh proposed projects involving sport facilities and hotel accommodation for Torremolinos.

Any investment is dependent on the new urban plan for Torremolinos finally being approved. Several other development initiatives in the town are already on hold while regional and national governments give it the green light. The overall planning document for the area was started ten years ago by the council and has been sent back to them five times for changes.

Until final approval of the plan is given by the Junta de Andalucía, large-scale projects already frozen include landscaping and redevelopment of the town centre, a huge new leisure park from British investors and improved pedestrian access to the nearby mountains behind Torremolinos.

La Bajadilla

The meeting with sheikh Al-Thani to discuss his own additional investment ideas comes as the owner of Malaga football club is embroiled in the legal batttle over Marbella's La Bajadilla marina, where his planned investment did not take place.

A spokesperson for Torremolinos clarified that the talks were exploratory and as yet there were "no firm projects [from the sheikh] on the table".