Ronda's new hospital will be fully open for business by early April

Díaz is shown around the laboratory area of the new hospital.
Díaz is shown around the laboratory area of the new hospital. / V. Melgar
  • Susana Díaz was present to officially open the new hospital after a long process which began in 2008 and was held up by the economic crisis

The president of the regional government for Andalucía, Susana Díaz, officially opened the Hospital de la Serranía, which will serve 85,000 people from 39 municipalities in the provinces of Malaga and Cadiz, in Ronda on Monday morning.

The town has been waiting for over 20 years for this new hospital, something which led Díaz to describe the inauguration as "a very important day" for Ronda.

The event signalled that the move from the old district hospital to the Hospital de la Serranía was nearing completion, a project which has involved an investment of more than 53 million euros for construction and new equipment.

"Our commitment to improving public health services is evident and results in facilities such as this one," Díaz said of the new hospital, which was completed this year after construction began all the way back in 2008, demonstrating the impact of what Díaz called a "virulent economic crisis".

The new hospital, which will have 152 individual rooms for patients, opened its doors on 17th January and will be fully functional on 3rd April. The president of the regional government indicated that the three-month transfer period will be completed at the beginning of next month.

Some of the services, such as the outpatient and physiotherapy clinics as well as radiodiagnostic procedures have already begun in the Hospital de la Serranía, whereas emergency and dialysis services will be the last to relocate to the new hospital premises.

Both hospitals will be open until all the services have moved out of the old premises. The future for the district hospital building, once closed, is still unclear.