Residents gather over 2,000 signatures in under 24 hours against promenade in natural beauty area

Locals say a promenade would affect the dunes' ecosystem.
Locals say a promenade would affect the dunes' ecosystem. / SUR
  • Protesters believe the project would have devastating environmental effects and oppose any type of building project

Residents of the town of Torre de Benalgabón have gathered over 2,000 signatures via in an attempt to stop a project to construct a promenade on sand dunes.

Opposers of the plan who have formed an association of around 800 residents, 'Plataforma Lirios de Mar,' say that the construction of a promenade would have a devastating effect on an area which is one of only three along the Malaga coastline to still have sand dunes. The others are the Artola dunes in Marbella and Carraca in El Morche, Torrox.

A government plan would involve building a 3.5 kilometre promenade, as part of a project to connect the length of the province's coastline. Part of the prom would be a traditional concrete promenade and part wooden walkway in the most environmentally important sections of the dunes.

The Junta de Andalucía committed itself to protecting the fragile ecosystem of the sand dunes with a report written last August, which has been in the hands of Rincón de la Victoria town hall since September 2016.

The report includes increasing the number of plants in the area that would thrive in a dune ecosystem as well as ensuring that beach maintenance, including cleaning, would not interfere with the biodiversity of the area. However, the platform opposes every aspect of the plan and believes the government is building something which "nobody wants."