Marbella heads to Moscow tourism fair

The Marbella stand at the travel show in the Russian capital.
The Marbella stand at the travel show in the Russian capital. / SUR
  • A delegation attended the MITT travel show in the Russian capital to strengthen its ties with the tourism industry in that country

Mayor of Marbella, José Bernal, led a town-council delegation to Moscow for the MITT tourism fair in the Russian capital this week. It aimed to consolidate the municipality's position as a popular tourist destination in that country.

The Russian market is an interesting proposition for Marbella, who want to encourage people not just to visit the town but also to make it their second home, due to Russia's strong economy and purchasing power.

Visitors with the supplement.

Visitors with the supplement. / SUR

As an extra initiative at the show, SUR showed once again its commitment to the tourism sector with a special 24-page supplement in Russian which recommended the Costa del Sol as a destination and with a dedicated section on Marbella also included.

This supported the council's other aim which was to highlight the quality and excellence of the surrounding area, considering many visitors already know a lot about Marbella town itself.

The town had its own stand for the first time at the fair, held between Tuesday and Thursday, as part of a strategy to catch up with Catalonia, which is still the preferred destination in Spain for Russians.