Provincial Court order bouncer to be put on trial in missing girl case

The Aqwa Mist nightclub where Klavina was last seen.
The Aqwa Mist nightclub where Klavina was last seen. / Josele-Lanza
  • Agnese Klavina disappeared in 2014 after leaving a club with Westley Capper and Craig Porter

The Provincial Court has ordered a bouncer at the Marbella nightclub Aqwa Mist linked with the disappearance of Agnese Klavina, a 30-year-old Latvian woman, to be put on trial.

Klavina was last seen three years ago, leaving the nightclub with British pair Westley Capper and Craig Porter when she was supposedly forced into a car by the duo.

The bouncer is suspected of collaborating with Capper and Porter, with video surveillance seeming to show the bouncer closing the door of the vehicle and ensuring it remained so as Klavina attempted to open it.

The investigating judge added that this footage shows that he was "following instructions from Capper".

The news comes after the Provincial Court considered the appeal from the woman's family, who wanted to know the role played by two other people identified by police in their initial investigation, one of whom was the bouncer.

The other is a friend of the two men and who Capper, the son of British millionaire John Capper, called up to 48 times after Klavina's disappearance.

However, the judges have deemed that to be "a hazy piece of evidence" and will therefore not be following up on his link in the case.