Police investigate violent Añoreta attack as neighbours report increase in burglaries

The entrance to the Añoreta residential area.
The entrance to the Añoreta residential area. / SUR
  • A 50-year-old woman was alone in the property when a man posing as a postman used her name to gain access to the house with two further asailants

Police and the Guardia Civil are investigating the burglary of a house in the Añoreta area of Rincón de la Victoria. According to police sources, the incident took place at around midday on Friday 24 February when a man called at the property, saying that he was delivering a letter.

A 50-year-old woman who was alone at the time of the burglary, opened the door, believing that the man, who had used her name, was genuinely a postman. She was kicked in the stomach and pushed to the floor as the assailant and two further men, believed to all be Spanish, entered the property and took a number of valuable items from different rooms.

According to sources, during the 45-minute ordeal the woman was masked and gagged, repeatedly kicked and pushed to the ground and told not to move.

Among the items stolen were cash and jewellery of a combined value of 6,000 euros along with a laptop, tablet and a camera.

After the thieves had left, the woman was able to free herself of the gags and call for help.

Neighbours say that the area, which is near to Rincón de la Victoria Añoreta golf course, has seen a rise in burglaries recently, with a number of homeowners reporting robberies taking place at night. However, last Friday's incident is the first in which violence has been used. The burglars have not yet been caught and the case remains open.

Burglary continues to be one of the principal crimes in Malaga, with statistics recently released from Spain's interior ministry suggesting that this type of crime is on the increase. With more than 500 reports of burglary (without violence) in 2016 alone this shows a 13 per cent increase on the previous year.