Local art collective sends message to politicians and leaves locals confused

The message on Calle Carabeo.
The message on Calle Carabeo. / E.Cabezas
  • A group of artists in Nerja has promised to remove the message from a prominent Nerja street

Anybody who has walked down Calle Carabeo in Nerja this week will probably have seen the words 'sé fuerte Luis,' (be strong Luis), painted in large red letters over an existing piece of artwork depicting some of Spain's most illustrious writer and artists.

In fact the message was left by the same group, Un Balcón a la Memoria, who designed the original work. The words are taken from a SMS message sent from prime minister Mariano Rajoy to Luis Bárcenas, former treasurer and senator of Rajoy's PP party during Bárcena's involvement in the Gürtel corruption case in 2013.

A representative from the Nerja collective, who wished to remain anonymous, said that the message is designed to "stir people's consciences and make them think about the damage that has been done to culture in Spain in recent years."

They added that since a photo of the message was uploaded onto social media sites, many people have assumed that it is an act of vandalism and that they have promised to clean it over the next few days.